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Ninjatrader Indicators (Beta)


Hey! So I've spent a lot of time and money trying out different Ninjatrader indicators but have never found any that do exactly what I want.

As such I've spent the last 5 months paying someone to build exactly what I want. Which I can now start to pass along to the community at an affordable price!

I'm pleased to finally say that I'm moving to the final beta stage in their development while we iron out any minor bugs that may still persist. In the mean time please enjoy a free trial of the different indicators to test them out before deciding to purchase them forever.

Keep in mind these only work for the Ninjatrader platform. I will be working on a Tradingview one. So stay tuned for that. 


Click Trader

Enter into trades directly on the chart with a click of the mouse. Biggest Ninjatrader upgrade I've ever had.

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Candlestick Trader

Enter into a trade immediately after a candlestick bar finishes forming. 

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Risk Reward Calculator

Quickly calculate the number of contracts needed to hit a certain risk target per trade. 

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Countdown Timer

Add a timer next to the current candlestick that shows the time till it's finished forming. 

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