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It took me over 5 years to become profitable trading. I tried tons of strategies and indicators but nothing seemed to stick. I eventually stumbled on how to start reading the market without any indicators. 


But even after finding some clarity in the markets I still wasn't as successful as I'd hoped. I turned to a trading mentor and after working with him for 3 years on the mental side of trading I was able to find the success I had been looking for. 


I realized there was 2 sides to trading. Strategy and your emotions. And so in this course I want to give you everything I've learned over my 7 years of trading so it doesn't take you the 5 years it took me to become profitable.


Extensive 10+ hour video course. Going over every detail needed to find profitable trades. 

Exclusive Trading chat room. 

Actionable systems to stay on the right side of the market and execute trades consistently.

 What's Inside


Laying The Foundation

Every great strategy has its fundamentals that it stands on.  If you don't learn the basics of how to read price movement then it won't matter how good your strategy is.


  • Learn to read the market purely with candlesticks & without indicators.


  • Learn market patterns that paint a clear picture of the market.


  • Understand advanced market movement that seems random but is predictable. 



Spotting Opportunities

Get inside my brain!  When you have been watching the market day in and day out for years, you start to pick up on weird patterns and movement that signal a potential trade.  Most people don't even realize they are there!


  • Learn to spot profitable movement in the market and predict those opportunities


  • Understand where and why to enter into the market.


  • Learn repeatable micro patterns to enter into the market consistently.


Profiting From Opportunities

It's one thing to understand what the market is doing, but another to consistently take advantage of those key moves.  Learn several of my different approaches to entering trade opportunities, including profit targets and trade management. 

  • Learn how to effectively trade from being able to read the market movement.


  • Attain a simple entry checklist to use every trade. 


  • Create a trading plan that you can consistently follow.


To prove that this can work on a small account. Last year I started a $5000 account and over the year turned a profit of $5,066. That's 100% return on the account. And in 2023 I had a month where I made $9,445 In one month so it's starting to really grow! If you want a larger $ return all you do is increase the starting account size. 


Now I'm not saying that learning this strategy will magically make you profitable. Trading is 90% based on your ability to consistently execute the strategy. But you will know that you are using a strategy that works. 


It took me years to realize I was the problem not the strategy. This is why I jumped around so many strategies. 


And so not only will you learn the strategy that I have developed over the years. But how I learned to consistently stay on the correct path to profitability. 

What People Are Saying


Our Community

The market never repeats itself.  In the beginning, I struggled to adapt to the market's ever changing environment. It wasn’t just plug and play with the examples I had learned.


Having the ability to collaborate with other traders, and share insights on charts patterns would have been a game changer.


That is why I am including access to a chatroom where you will be able to work with the EvolvedTraders community on your trading journey!

Mental Performance Course

Have you ever heard the saying: "only 5% of traders are profitable"


That's because only 5% of traders realize that the key to success comes from mastering self-awareness and your emotions.


Of course having a strategy is important but if you can't consistently execute it, it's worthless.


Learn how to understand your emotions and keep yourself at peak mental performance to consistently execute profitable trades.

  • Learn to manage your emotional capital when trading.
  • Gain a deep understanding of your trading emotions & how they effect your trading.
  • Build actionable systems to use in your trading to improve your consistency.
  • Create a trading routine to solidify your trading consistency.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the course laid out?

Decades of research have shown that learning a subject over time instead of cramming it improves learning quality. 

That's why I have setup the course to slowly give you new content over time.

Right away you get about 60% of the trading course and then over the next couple of weeks you get the rest of the 40%. 

Then at week 3 the mental performance course will unlock weekly lessons to work on to improve your mental side. 

Remember you are getting most of the trading content right away and the idea is that this will improve your learning and be better for your trading performance. 

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